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the artist´s death

video, 1min 19sek

silhouette drawing in the public space of new york city

pencil, textile, silhouette drawing, 45 x 36 cm, new york city, june 26, 2009, 5.20 pm

diploma, silhouette drawing, installation view

poster of students, colored pencil, silhouette drawing, 66 x 84 cm, university of vienna, 50th day of occupation during the student revolte, october 11, 2009, 7.30 pm

pencil, plastic material, silhouette drawing, 200 x 110 cm, brighton beach new york, july 5, 2009, 2.42 pm

pencil on paper, silhouette drawing, 95 x 100 cm, greenwich/hudson street, august 3, 2009, 4.09 pm